Over the past 90 years, nine major hurricanes slammed into Alabama and other Gulf Coast states, resulting in severe damage and even death.

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Hurricane Katrina

Landfall: August 29, 2005

Level: Category 5

U.S. Deaths: 1,836 *

Highest wind level: 175 mph

Katrina is the costliest hurricane in U.S. history and the third-deadliest. When it made landfall it was only a Category 3, but that is misleading. Destruction was catastrophic for miles inland. The storm surge reached 25-28 feet above normal tide along the Mississippi coast. The wind and rain forced Lake Pontchartrain to breach its levees, inundating much of New Orleans. More than 1,800 Americans were killed, including nearly 1,600 in Louisiana and more than 230 in Mississippi.

*figures may vary

SOURCE: National Hurricane Center, hurricanescience.org, Wikipedia.org


View all major Hurricanes that threatened Alabama