People of Alabama: Brenda Payton of Gadsden

People of Alabama: Brenda Payton of Gadsden
Brenda Payton said a scary car accident helped bring her family together. (Tamika Moore / People of Alabama)

“I had a car accident with my two boys. Me and my husband were not together at that point, but after that accident, it brought our family together and made us realize what we had to lose. We hydroplaned into a ditch, and we landed in a little creek. The car started filling up with water, and all the equipment in the car was off. I couldn’t honk the horn and signal for help. It was really scary. We finally got a hold of my phone before the water got to it and called 911. They were there within 10 minutes and got us out. My mom was the first one at the hospital. She called their dad to let him know that we were there. Since then, it’s been really something. Life is precious, and it can be taken really easily.” – Brenda Payton of Gadsden

Brenda Payton is in school studying cosmetology. (Tamika Moore / People of Alabama)

Payton says that now, the family is doing great.

“We just had a daughter, so we have an 8-year-old, 7-year-old and a 4-year-old. He homeschools and I go to college for cosmetology. I graduate next month. I really want to be out on my own. I want to do formal hair. My dream is to get a little tiny home right next to the house, that way I can be home with the kids, and it can be his turn to go chase his dreams a little bit. I just had my first wedding hair two weeks ago. I did the bride, mom  and four little girls. It was fun. It made me feel really good. I was so nervous that I was going to mess up, but once I got there, I had it.”

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