People of Alabama: Jalan Pedonesi of Montgomery

People of Alabama: Jalan Pedonesi of Montgomery
Jalan Pedonesi has taken up acting while attending AUM. (Amber Sutton / People of Alabama)

“I’ve recently taken up an interest in acting. I’ve always seen movies and had a little bit of passion for them. I figured I’m in college so why not explore that, and I’ve enjoyed it very much. This is my first time acting in like 15 years when I was in a play in first grade. I was petrified about going up in front of audiences. It was like my No. 1 fear, but now it doesn’t seem to exist for me anymore. I’ve come to realize that it’s not about standing in front of the audience. It’s about the character that they see; it’s not about you as a person.” – Jalan Pedonesi of Montgomery

Pedonesi is a student at Auburn University at Montgomery studying criminology as well as theater. He was in “Comedy Tonight” presented by Theatre AUM.

Acting has helped Jalan Pedonesi overcome his fear of speaking in front of crowds. (Amber Sutton / People of Alabama)

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