People of Alabama: Bobbie Royster of Butler County

People of Alabama: Bobbie Royster of Butler County
Bobbie Royster of Butler County has enjoyed her post-retirement life of gardening and selling produce with her husband. (Amber Sutton / People of Alabama)

“I’m recognizing my dream right now. All of my life, I worked in an office and in education, and now I’m retired and at the produce market. I love being up here. My husband and I have a 10-acre garden, and we work hard to get everything done and ready and up here, but I love coming to the produce market. He’s an old high school sweetheart that looked me up and now we’ve been married for 12 years and we’re living happily after now. He loves produce just like I do. We don’t do it for the money, we do it for the enjoyment and the people.” – Bobbie Royster of Butler County.

Royster and her husband, Kenneth, have been selling produce grown in their garden at the Butler County Farmers Market in Greenville for the past four years.

Bobbie Royster enjoys meeting people at the farmer’s market. (Amber Sutton / People of Alabama)

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